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Alaska Seafood and Sausage Gift Pack

Started 2022-12-29 13:31
Finished 2023-01-28 19:00
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Talkeetna gift package w/2 day shipping from alaskasausage.com

Retail $250

There is something for everyone in this truly Alaskan assortment.  For seafood lovers, the premium smoked silver salmon is flaky and delicate, while the traditional salmon strips are traditional and deliciously chewy.  Our signature Alaskan polish sausage ring, variety of meat sticks, and robust Alaskan salami with reindeer will satisfy the meat lovers.  Add cheese, mustard, crackers and chocolate, and everybody's happy! 

Perishable.  Total Weight: 8 lbs

Includes Traditional Smoked Salmon Strips, Alaskan Salami w/ Reindeer, Alaskan Sausage Ring w/ Reindeer, Smoked Keta Salmon piece, Alaskan Hunter Sticks w/ Reindeer, 1 Alaskan Teriyaki Stick, 1 Alaskan Pepper Stick, Alaskan Tea, Gouda Cheese, Crackers, Alaskan Chocolate Bar, Alaskan Alder-smoked Mustard. There may be minor variations between the photo and the list of included items.